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Anael has been working as a Spiritual Mentor and Healer since 2007.  She has done in-depth study of the unconscious mind, it's connection to the soul or Higher Self, and how unconscious programs and our "true" feelings create our reality. In addition, Anael has International Board Certifications in many areas related to the operations of the mind and how it works. 

It was during her search for higher consciousness that she met and partnered with magnificent "Teams" of High Authority Level Spirit Beings of Love and Light.

Through Anael, these Magnificent Spirit Teams specializes in helping people identify subliminal blocks and thought loops that prevent them from achieving and living the life they desire from the heart. 

Subliminal programs run in the background, which means they are unseen and the majority of the population accept them as normal or inherited and something that cannot be changed". 

These programs cause  fear,  distress, anxiety, and stress.which are all blocks to living a beautiful life that  everyone desires.   Anael experiences great joy in the progress and success of  clients,  and looks forward to helping you. Get in touch to learn more.

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High Authority Level Beings of Light and Love are here for you and wanting to partner with you to create a higher reality.

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