More About Anael

"It's kind of funny how when one is very, very young, a truth about who you are surfaces.  It may not be recognized 

then, but eventually when you find your path and stand up in your sovereignty

that one will act".  Anael

That is what happened to Anael.  She was given a beautiful name at birth.  Even though beautiful, the name did not resonate with her from the time she was a little girl.  How did she know it didn't resonate with her?  She just simply did not like it.

She decided to find the name that was right for her and the work she is doing.  Always fascinated by the name changes that had been recorded in the Bible and the meaning behind them, she started a search.  She was guided to Kabbalah Numerology and the perfect person in Jerusalem to assist her.

Immediately she booked an appointment online.  There was an intensely beautiful discussion.  When the name "Anael " was offered, she felt a huge shift in her energy field and tears flowed from her eyes.

In the Hebrew language, Anael means

"God has answered".


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