Connect With Your Spirit Guide of High Light & Love

Connect With Your Spirit Guide of High Light & Love

In this sacred initiation you will meet the High Authority Level Being of Light and Love that has stepped forward to specifically work with you.  


You will be lifted into High Light & Love through transmissions of light waves that elevate your consciousness and your very being!


Specialists from the Teams of High Authority Level Beings of Light and Love  will seek out intelligences that are governing blocks tio the natural flow of God Source energy.  Your auric field will be scanned, cleansed and repaired and infused with High Light.


A powerful way to change your vibration!  One of the Seniors of the  High Authority Level Beings of Light & Love give you the light attunement to a living clearing statement  infused with light codes that pull in the spiritual technologies  that are designed to removenegative energies that affect  you personally.  They adjust according to your personal situation when used...and much more!

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More to come!

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