Fear Release

Fear Release

There is a frequency of Fear that permeates humans.  Fear stops one from moving forward in life.  Have you ever noticed that when fear surfaces, self-doubt and hesitation follow?  Before you know it, you’re not doing what you were inspired to do?


The truth is...YOU ARE the master of your life!  Whether a decision you make is an intended decision for a specific outcome or a decision by default...by default, I mean it’s being run by a subconscious program fueled by a frequency the conscious mind has no knowledge of.  It's eEither by an intended decision or a decision that runs by default.


In this healing session, my Teams of High Authority Beings of Light & Love know all about fear and how it immobilizes humans, keeping them stuck  and going to the grave without having fulfilled their soul’s purpose which is to live this life to its fullest in the frequencies of Love, Joy, Abundance and Happiness.  


In this session you will be in a very relaxed state, where there is no resistance to releasing fear from your mind, body and spirit. These Teams of High Authority Beings of Light & Love have the spiritual skills, authority and power to go into your auric field and consciousness and remove the Fear Frequency.   You will be free to choose what you want to experience in its place.  

    More to come!

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