Release Negative Relationships

Release Negative Relationships

The impact of negative relationships can affect a person for a lifetime and depletes the self love one naturally has for themselves.  Feelings of guilt and unworthiness are often the product of negative relationships.  These feelings produce adverse experiences which become the person's reality.  Even though the person wants a better outcome, they feel hopeless and lost.


It doesn't have to be that way!


High Authority Level Beings of Light and Love from far beyond worlds are here for you.  They are the "Keepers of Specialized Spiritual Technologies" designed to help humans here and now...individually and globally.


In this session, these benevolent High Authority Level Beings of Light and Love will find the energetic imprint from those events as well as the governing intelligence behind them.  They will deactivate them so you are no longer a power source, delete and transmute them, beyond this Third Dimension (physical realm)


When receiving this healing, make sure you are in a safe and comfortable environment without distractions.  Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate any machinery while listening.  These energies are very high and sacred and always transmitted in High Love.


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