Blurry Flowers

Her Spiritual Healing & Mentoring has helped me so much!

Initially, I had came for a healing session with Anael. After the healing session, I had an urge and desire to learn and grow more in a way that was unexplainable. But I knew my intuition was saying that I came to Anael not only for a healing session, but to be mentored for I knew I had a greater purpose. The funny thing was I needed the funds to work with her and I didn't know where to get it. But she gave me an outline of a manifestation process to go through and I did. 2 weeks later, I manifested the perfect amount at the perfect time to start the program with her. It was destined that we had this encounter and partnership. I feel completely aligned working with Anael. Not only does she mentor me in the spiritual aspects, but she's also teaching me how to show up in my physical being. I've been able to stand in my power, heal myself, and become a conscious creator.


Much love and thanks to Anael. I love you <3! (:

Christine Nguyen

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